Pettigrew Heights

Pettigrew Heights is one of Sioux Falls' oldest residential neighborhoods!  Residents of Sioux Falls began living within the neighborhood boundaries as early as the 1870's.  In the beginning, the neighborhood was made up of mostly small farms and cabins. 


As Sioux Falls experienced economic booms and busts, so did the neighborhood.  The neighborhood grew and added new homes in 1876-1893, 1889-1914,  and 1914-1929.  The style of homes ranged from Late Victorian to Eclectic, and everything in between.  Many of the homes were built built by local contractors and builders using pattern books.  Others were prefabricated mail-order homes that were assembled on-site, from  sources such as Sears and Roebuck catalogs. 


The Pettigrew Heights Neighborhood was named after Richard Franklin Pettigrew.  Mr. Pettigrew made many significant contributions to the shaping of Sioux Falls.  He originally came to the area as a land surveyor in 1869.  Pettigrew was a practicing lawyer, as well as a land developer.  He was also involved in a variety of business ventures.  Pettigrew served on the Territorial House of Representatives and also on the Territorial Council.  In 1889, he was first person elected to serve as Senator for the state of South Dakota.  The Pettigrew Home and Museum is located at 131 N. Dakota Ave.


America's first four-door car was built in Pettigrew Heights in 1906 by Thomas Fawick.  The Fawick Flyer could reach 60 mph, which was very fast for its time.  The Flyer carried President Roosevelt through the streets of Sioux Falls in 1910.  Fawick's workshop still stands at 815 W. 13th St.

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