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2020-2021 Season Has taken us Virtual 


                                     The March History Talk

        1926-1936 with Stephan Cusulos

                                           March 18, 2021

Born in Sioux Falls, raised in up-state New York and

college educated at the University of Minnesota where

he focused his studies on intellectual and cultural

history, Stephen R. Cusulos will be the featured speaker

at MCHS’s March History Talk “The State Theater

and the Sioux Falls Night Life—1926—1936”.


While developing “historical snapshots” of Sioux Falls

circa 1927, it became obvious that the city not only had

a decidedly “cosmopolitan” East Coast orientation in

fashion and taste, but a very visible and vibrant jazz

culture and entertainment, much of which centered at

the State Theater setting the foundation for this



Here’s the link to the YouTube Live page for the

program which will begin at 7:00 pm, Thursday,

March 18.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic the Minnehaha County

Historical Society’s monthly History Talks have gone online

via YouTube LIVE.

 Live Streamed History Talks available

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Upcoming History Talks:

The State Theater and the Sioux Falls

Night Life – 1926-1936 with Stephan Cusulos (March 18)

Her Vote, Her Voice – Celebrating South

Dakota’s 100th Anniversary of Women’s

Right to Vote with Karen Schreier (April 15)


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