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2020-2021 Season

Has taken us Virtual 

History Talks 

                  The January History Talk

                        January 21, 2021


Due to the coronavirus pandemic the Minnehaha County Historical Society’s monthly History Talks have gone online via YouTube LIVE.


We’ve all seen the message on our TV screens, “WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, PLEASE STANDBY.  At the Minnehaha County Historical Society we’ve had our fair share of “technical difficulties” recently.  Particular when it has concerned the History Talk “Will Prines Remembers the Pomp Room”.


Will Prines Remembers the Pomp Room was originally scheduled for an in-person History Talk in the spring of 2020.  The pandemic  hit and all
History Talks were canceled. 

The Pomp Room was rescheduled for October as a YouTube Live Stream presentation.  Then an emergency surgery caused a second postponement until December. 
With all systems go the third attempt for the “Pomp Room” met with unexpected technical difficulties.


Not to be deterred, the Minnehaha County Historical Society has re-scheduled (again!) the Pomp Room
History Talk for January 21 at 7:00 pm on the YouTube Live Stream. 

It will go down as the History Talk that 2020 didn’t  kill because it’s now in 2021.

Links to the presentation have been posted on Facebook and will also be forwarded to members via email.

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