MCHS can use as many volunteers as are able to help! See below for various volunteer needs.

Board members:

Looking for at least 2 additional board members.


Looking for a volunteer to keep this website up-to-date and potentially enhance it. Eventually it would be great to get the historical marker information, text and location onto a website.

Volunteering Needs:

Pioneer Monument Committee members to monitor conditions at the monument to include litter pick up and report any issues or vandalism. Stop by once every 3 weeks depending on number of volunteers. Contact the Historical Marker Chairman if interested.

Host / Hostess Chairman - food and planning for programs and special events

Assistants for Program procurement and set up

Assistants for Sponsor Development to find and secure sponsors for the newsletter and history talk programs.

Assistants for Research typically for historical marker content, etc.

Assistants for File Research and Organization and interfacing with archivists at the Irene Hall Museum Resource Center, Siouxland Heritage Museums.


Desire to volunteer - Love of history


Bring your own skills and we will work within your interests to fill our needs.


We will balance between your availability and MCHS schedules.

If you are interested in helping with any of these items, please contact the MCHS President. And THANK YOU!