Minnehaha County Historical Society

Mission Statement

The Purpose of the MINNEHAHA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY is to study and record the history and development of Minnehaha County: educating its members and the public on the rich heritage of the people and the land of Minnehaha County (SD).  More > >


Membership DUES took affect in January, 2023 so please join or renew now.
MCHS is asking for donations, with the goal of $15,000, to repair the Pioneer Memorial.   The monument was erected in 1949 and is located on what was then U.S. Highway 77 and Cliff Avenue.  It remains popular as a stopping site to visit and overlook the city.  It is much in need of repairs and reconditioning to bring the historic obelisk back to its original condition.  Repairs began the end of April.  

The next stage for the Pioneer Memorial is a security system so please continue to donate to the fund. More details to come.

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What: Third Thursday History Talk

Free & Open to the Public ! 

Where: Old Courthouse Museum                            200 W 6th St Sioux Falls, SD

When: 3rd Thursday March 16, 2023 6:30 pm- Social  7:00 pm Program   

The March 16, 2023 

 History Talk:  

      "Diversity In South Dakota"

A Panel Discussion with Moderator Dr. Steve Bucklin, Panelists:  JR LaPlante, Tyler Tordsen & Kenny Anderson Jr

 The panelists come from diverse backgrounds and communities that the MCHS Board believes give voice to what may be different perspectives of our history. Each will give a 10 minute presentation on their experiences growing up in SD and then take questions from the audience.

MCHS supports  the  Downtown Hartford  Inc. event 

 May  6, 2023  Hartford, SD United Methodist Church

7:00 pm - 9:00pm  Free & Open to the Public

                                           Bob Yapp Presents: 

                        "Preservation Doesn't Cost---It Pays"

MCHS-sponsored historic photos have been installed in the lobby of the State Theatre in Downtown Sioux Falls!  Four black and white photos, two of the original 1926 lobby, and two of the original 1926 theatre auditorium can be viewed.